Cold Calling, 2007, HDV (Comedy, 7minutes)
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Michael Watson, self-proclaimed King of Cold Calling, is interviewing his doughy-eyed recruit William Jennings. With his arsenal of one liners and enviable ponytail, he wonders: can he still reel them in?

Director: Jesse Quinones & Daniel Quinones

Writer: Jesse Quinones

Awards & Nominations: Best Comedy at the 2007 Indie Short Film Competition. Runner-up for Best Comedy at the Student Films Across America 2008. Nominated for 4Talent Best Student Film Award at the Belfast Film Festival, Best Short Drama at the End of the Pier International Film Fes- tival, and Best Comedy at the Limelight Film and Arts Awards.

Festivals: Born Shorts Film Festival, Bacup Film Festival, Canary Wharf Film Festival, Nonmulti- plex Screening, Propeller TV, Zzizzl Films, Portobello Film Festival, Rotoreliefs @ The Vibe Bar, Stamford Short Film Festival, Final Cut Screening, Belfast Film Festival, The Machine Room Screening, Candid Projection Room Screening, End of the Pier International Film Festival, Student Films Across America, Indie Short Film Competition, Film Night @ The Fox & Firkin Pub, Exploding Cinema, Rotoreliefs, Limelight Film & Arts Awards, Dulwich Paradiso Film Society, Portobello Film Festival Film Makers Convention.