Calloused Hands, 2013
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Calloused Hands, 2013

Genre: Coming of Age Drama

Writer/Director/Producer: Jesse Quinones

Producer: Ann Marie Goodwin, Paula Crickard, Jesse Quinones, Andre Royo, Daniel Mendoza

Co-Producer: Eric Gaunaurd

Cast: Andre Royo,  Daisy Haggard, Hans Howes, Luca Oriel

Logline: 12-year-old Josh is a mixed race boy and a promising baseball player. He is abused by his mother’s boyfriend Byrd, and neglected by his mother Debbie. He manages to forge his own path in life when his long-lost grandfather Solomon insists he study for his Bar Mitzvah.

Distribution: Amazon Prime

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Best Feature Film & Best Director, British Urban Film Festival,
Best Feature Film, Fingal Film Festival,
Hearts Mind and Soul Awards , Rhode Island Film Festival,
Fingal Film Festival, Best Feature Film, Golden Door International Film Festival, Best Actor (Andre Royo), Best Supporting Actor (Luca Oriel), Best Screenplay (Jesse Quinones)

Festivals: Miami International Film Festival, Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival, British Urban Film Festival, Film London’s LUFF Breakthrough Strand (London UK Film Focus), Urban World Film Festival, Bend Film Festival, Golden Door International Film Festival, London Latin American Film Festival, Reel Recovery Film Festival, Bahamas International Film Festival, Texas Black Film Festival, Cine Las Americas Film Festival, American Online Film Awards, San Francisco Latino Film Festival, Fingal Film Festival, Da Bounce Urban Film Festival, Irvine In ternational Film Festival.