Surviving History, 2009, HDV (Documentary, 28minutes)
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The life-stories of ten survivors of the Holocaust in Lithuania, where 95% of the pre-war Jewish population was destroyed. Every photograph or keepsake holds a painful memory, finally unlocked.

Produced by: Living Imprint & Woolfcub Productions.

Director: Jesse Quinones & Daniel Quinones.

Producer: Shivaun Woolfson & Frances Tay.

Distribution: Journeyman Pictures, Parallel Lines.

Awards: Audience Poll at Imperial War Museum Film Festival, Winton Train Film Contest, 2nd Run- ner up for Best Documentary at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival.

Television: Community Channel (SKY 539).

Festivals: Cannes Short Film Corner, Imperial War Museum Film Festival, Leeds International Film Festival, Filmstock Film Festival, Portobello Film Festival, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festi- val, Notting Hill Film Festival, Winton Train Film Contest, Culture Unplugged: Humanity Explored.

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